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Know the details on Banglarbhumi Plot info Request at website….
In this article we will know the procedure on Banglarbhumi Plot info Request. What is the use of Plot information request ? In the unorganized system of India, it is very important to have the records of the land in a systematic way. This is exactly the purpose of Banglarbhumi, It is an online land record software developed by National Informatics Center (NIC) which is developed in collaboration with Land and Land reforms department of Government of West Bengal.

How to check Banglarbhumi Plot Info Request Details in

The website has been made very simple, the user can furnish any details related by just providing the name of district and the block.

Plot info Request
Plot info Request

Out of the various services, an important service is Plot info request. Find below the detailed procedure for this:

  • Applicant needs to go to the official website by using the following link:
  • Place the mouse pointer on ‘Service Delivery’.
  • After going to the website, the applicant can go to the plot info request by clicking on the ‘Plot info request’ under Service delivery tab present at the top left.
  • After clicking on the Plot info Request, the page will be directed to a form where the person will be required to fill certain mandatory and optional fields.
  • In this form the person needs certain details. The mandatory information required to retrieve the information includes:
  • District: One needs to select the relevant district from the drop down
  • Block: After selecting the district, the person is required to select the block name from drop down
  • Mouza: After selecting district and Block, the user is prompted to select the mouza
  • First name: here the user needs to input his first name
  • Father / husband / others: At this place the user is required to fill the name of husband / father or any other based on the applicants status.
  • Mobile Number: User is required to furnish his mobile number here which would be used for communication purpose. This will also be used for authentication purpose as well and an OTP would be shared on this.
  • Captcha: applicant needs to fill the details appearing in captcha for validation.
  • Address: User need to provide the complete address for communication purpose.
  • Email Id: User is required to provide his valid email – ID here which again would be used for authentication using an OTP.
  • Optional fields include: Plot Number: This is the optional field where user needs to furnish the plot number and Last Name.

After providing the details one needs to click on Calculate Fees tab given at the bottom of the form. The applicant should make sure to check all the details before calculating on this button.

How to Know the Plot Information Request at website?

How to know Plot Info Request in website?

To know plot request online, you first have to visit the official website of Banglarbhumi. Here, click on the ‘Citizen Services’ tab before selecting ‘Service Delivery’ option. From the drop-down list that appears, you need to click on ‘Plot Info Request’ and fill the form that appears. Click on ‘View’ button to see the details.

How to know Signed ROR / PI / PLM Copy (S) in website?

This request comes under the ‘Service Delivery’ option once you visit Banglarbhumi website. From the list of certified copies displayed, click on the ‘Signed ROR/PI/PLM Copy (S)’ option. You have to fill in the details required before you are redirected to the payment page. Pay online and complete the process.