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Online checking Process on Delhi Land Records Information and Delhi ROR Bhulekh at website…..
Delhi government has placed all the land records under one roof. The unified website portal contains all the lands record information from the owner’s details to the land type and number. The portal can be accessed by all citizens who need to learn about particular land.

Citizens can search using the name of any land detail to get all the information from the official site

Delhi land records
Delhi land record information

How to check for Delhi land records in

The e-search process is also an easier way to search for the land records. The procedure needs one to have the names and the rightful documents.  The website is open to all citizens. Below are the few steps to follow:

  • Navigate to the Delhi official page:
  • On the main page of the website pick on the option search by the name.
  • Here we also have different tabs where one cans select and search the land records.
  • You can click on use owner’s name, followed by the locality name and the party.
  • Now key in the security code the click on the search option.
  • Applicants who select on the property details can choose the SRO office name.
  • Next you’re to give the area name and the registration number.
  • Ensure all details are correct in order to get the particular land you’re searching for.
  • Key in the year and book number from the same page.
  • Now enter the verification code or the Captcha code.
  • The system will give the full details on the screen, print a copy for reference.

The importance of the Delhi land record portal 

  • Delhi Bhulekh website contains all the land records.
  • Land owners details are in the ROR document
  • The document and website informs more on land deals loans and legal ownership.
  • The type of soil and measures are mentioned in the document.
  • The ROR document and land record can be used for loan purposes.

The Delhi website page beat the odds as it contains the market rates of each piece of land. This helps the new buyers make a clear decision about what to buy.  Court of law can also use the ROR document to rule about land dispute of give the right ownership. Banks use the ROR to offer loans to land owners which is indicated on the ROR. New buyers of the land will get all the information and learn which land has loans attached.

How to check Delhi Land Records Information and Delhi ROR Bhulekh Details at

  1. How to check Delhi ROR Bhulekh Records?

    Go to the website page The system will bring forth the main page where ROR search option is visible. On click the option now enter the district name, sub division, village and Khata type. Give the list of the villages, pick on particular village and then submit. The ROR details will be produced instantly

  2. How to know Delhi Land Records details online?

    ROR document is a legal document in all states of India. It contains a lot of information regarding the ownership of land and other property. This helps determine the real ownership of property and curbs land grabbing.